Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Western Naturopathy

Heilpraxis Wengerter - acupuncturist

You are very welcome to my holistic health practice which you can find in the center of Frankfurt am Main / Bornheim!

I would like to offer you my support in different kinds of health disorders with an Oriental Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) approach, by also considering Western contemporary medicine and complementary medicine concepts.

What are the areas of focus in my health clinic? 

Many chronic complaints can be treated with alternative methods and Chinese Medicine, yet I have specialized in a few focus areas:

  • Holistic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain needs to be treated differently than acute states of pain, by considering the human as an entity. It might be necessary investigate further and find correlations to different areas of the organism. Apart from cases of severe illness, which require conventional medical treatment or destroyed structures, I have found, acupuncture, Tui Na massage, herbal medicine and homeopathic and other complementary remedies to work effectively in many cases of disorders and complaints of the movement apparatus, forms of headache, neuralgia and others.

  • Chronic Gastrointestinal disorders (e.g. Irritable bowel syndrome, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease,  Reflux)  

Gastrointestinal complaints are very common and I find the GI tract to be foundational for overall health and wellbeing. The diagnosis of Irritable Bowels Syndrome is made very often and sometimes disorders of the microbiological flora, minor inflammatory processes, food intolerances or increased permeability of the intestines (Leaky Gut) are overseen or not part of the standard conventional medical service.

Many other disorders (e.g. in the musculoskeletal system, dermatosis, immune system) go hand in hand with disturbances of the intestinal functionality, mucosa or microbiome.
A thorough interview, if necessary an examination of the abdomen and a stool test (with individual parameters) will precede the treatment.

The therapy depends on the symptoms or the underlying illness, the laboratory findings and if applicable the TCM diagnosis. It might include probiotics, pharmaceutical and herbal preparations and dietary recommendations. In many cases I combine it with Chinese Medicine acupuncture and herbal therapy, especially in more chronic cases or cases of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis).

  • Skin Disorders and Hair Loss

The skin the “mirror of the soul”, is often said and proves often to be true. But not only. It is one of the biggest organs of the body and our outer surface. Skin appearances are often results of inflammation, slagging, hyperacidity or other syndromes known in the Chinese Medicine like heat, wind-heat, phlegm, damp, damp heat, fire toxins or other disorders.
Also a close look at the state of the intestinal flora, mucosa etc. (see above) might be helpful.
My treatment concept address to patients with neurodermitis, psoriasis, acne and forms of alopecia and allergies.

How I can help you and who am I?

The first lessons of acupuncture, which I have attended in 2011 during my naturopath basic education, gave me insights to the remarkable effects of Chinese Medicine and I was very enthusiastic right away to learn and study the Traditional Chinese Medicine from scratch.
Thus, I have attended the certified training for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese dietetics and basic Chinese herbology) at the Thalamusschule in Mainz which I completed in 2017 successfully. In parallel I also attended an education in Chinese herbology at Isolde Richter Heilpraktikerschule in a 3 year certificate program.
I have also taken further courses and trainings e.g. in alternative gut health therapy, holistic pain therapy, Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), Jing Fang – (classical Chinese formulas of the Shang Han Lun and Jing Gui Yao Lue and their use for modern ilnesses), therapy of skin disorders and others. Please see here if you are interested.

I am member of the professional associations Arbeitsgemeinschaft Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin AGTCM e.V.,  Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiver e.V. and I am registered at the local health authority in Frankfurt.
My naturopath basic education (2010-2013) was strongly focused on the scientific foundations of medical conditions, their etiology, diagnosis and conventional therapy. For me the alternative methods are a very valuable enlargement of the possibilities given to treat chronic diseases.

Especially the Chinese Medicine (TCM) I found to be capable to alleviate symptoms in many different cases of acute and chronic illnesses.

By a holistic approach I also mean to look at the whole human and not to treat a single or a number of symptoms. Usually disorders affect the whole being, on different levels of body, mind and soul. Therefore the whole system should be looked at.

Every person is unique and therefore should receive an individual therapy.

How does a Chinese Medicine treatment / acupuncture session look like?

For an effective treatment it is necessary to start with a first in-depth interview and thorough anamnesis according to TCM principles.
Therefore the first session might take up to 1.5 hours including treatment and examination.
For an acute pain treatment, or for a consultation regarding a laboratory stool tests etc., the thorough first anamnesis is mostly not necessary.

How can you prepare for our appointment? 

To our first appointment please do bring along the package leaflets of your current medication and all recent findings if available. Please avoid rich meals prior to an acupuncture session as well you should not miss any usual meals. 
A special measuring of the puls and thorough  examination of the tongue is a significant part of a TCM diagnosis, therefore please do not clean your tongue on that day and kindly avoid strongly pigmenting food or beverages (e.g. coffee, curry, curcuma, berries, beetroot etc.) 1-2 hours before our appointment.

Are there any side effects of acupuncture?

 Only minor side effects can sometimes occur like short bleeding at the puncture site, slight bruise, weariness, relaxation.
In rare cases transitional poor circulation, sweating, feeling of faintness, sleep disturbance can occure.

What are the costs and are they covered by your health insurance?

The first session including the first anamnesis and treatment will last up to 75 – 85 minutes and is charged with €120.
Following appointments and other session of 50 minutes cost 80€.
Please consider, the services of a Heilpraktiker (registered German naturopath) are not covered by the statutory health insurances. Private health insurances often cover the costs of a Heilpraktiker in total or partly. This depends on your individual contract. Please contact your health insurance regarding the cost coverage.

How can you contact me?

Please give me a call on +496925719332 or write me an e-mail at 
See here for all my contact details.

What is a Heilpraktiker?

The medical profession in Germany of the Heilpraktiker (Registered German naturopath) allows the holder, under consideration of laws like the Heilpraktikergesetz (Gesetz über die berufsmäßige Ausübung der Heilkunde ohne Bestallung (Heilpraktikergesetz)), to diagnose and treat illnesses.

Something else, that you need to know?

Should you be unable to keep a particular appointment, kindly phone me directly or latest until 48 hours before our appointment.
If an appointment is cancelled in less than 48 hours prior, up to 50% and in less than 24 hours, up to 100% of the treatment fee can be charged.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you like to make an appointment or you are interested in further details of my treatment and how I can help you!

Thank you for visiting my Homepage and your interest!
Now I look forward to meeting you.